Today in the city Indio 27.05.2017

Milwaukee Prosecutors Launch Investigation Into Inmate's Death

Prosecutors in Milwaukee are conducting a probe into a death last year at the county jail. An inmate died of dehydration, after staff allegedly turned off the water to his cell. It's one of four death...

Fix The Affordable Care Act By Letting People 55-64 Buy Into Medicare

House Republicans wants to price people 55-64 out of the individual health market. Why not let them buy into Medicare?

Donald Trump's Diary Is A Window Into His First 100 Days In Office

Nov 13, 2016 (Day -68) I picked Reince Priebus as for Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon for Counselor to me. Bannon wanted my soul in exchange, but I lost that a long time ago! Anyway, I gave him Barron...

Eagle 'Chop Shop' Case Offers Window Into Trafficking Trade

A two-year undercover operation that led to federal charges in South Dakota against 15 people is offering a rare window into the black market trade in eagle feathers and parts.

Dark Patterns: How Websites Trick You Into Giving Up Your Privacy

Open up a web browser or power up a smartphone—pretty much essential for modern-day living—and you’re walking straight into a privacy minefield. That much you know. Especially after the news earlier t...

We spraken iemand die ‘opgesloten’ werd ‘zonder eten of drinken’ op het luxe Fyre Festival – waar je minimaal €4.000 voor een ticket betaalt

Lamaan Gallal vertelt hoe het is op het Fyre Festival. Het bericht We spraken iemand die ‘opgesloten’ werd ‘zonder eten of drinken’ op het luxe Fyre Festival – waar je mi...

Intuit Launches An Incredible New Benefit For Parents Of Autistic Children

The second in a series of profiles, Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group explores Intuit's new benefit for parents of autistic children.

As IMF Says, India Should Be One Of World's Largest Economies, Only Bad Policy Has Prevented It

Most certainly there are detailed things that India's government can and should do. But the most important thing is to keep out of the way, to leave the room where the market can grow the economy.

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